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Top 5 landscaping trends of 2019

Well-designed landscaping has the power to transform your outdoor space. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to create a backyard haven or a business owner wanting to enhance your commercial property, investing in your landscaping is a sure-fire way to get the desired result. Wondering what features are en vogue? Here are five landscaping trends that you may just want to try.

1. All-season landscaping

Gardening season here in Ottawa may be a tad short but that doesn’t mean you need to have a dreary landscape once the last autumn leaves fall. Planting a variety of coniferous trees and shrubs in a range of hues and textures will help enliven winter vistas. Having plants that flower at different times during the spring, summer and fall will mean there are ongoing bursts of colour in your garden.

2. Fostering wildlife
Pollinator gardens (those that have a variety of flowers that provide nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects that pollinate) have been an ongoing topic of discussion in gardening and landscaping circles for a number of years. What’s new is that more and more landscapers are considering local wildlife as a whole when choosing their plants. Birds, bats, insects, frogs and other species can be invited into your garden in a number of ways. Growing seed and berry producing plants is a good place to start, as is replacing a portion of your lawn with shrubs and trees of varying heights. If you wish to welcome wildlife into your outdoor space, your landscaping company can help.

3. Fire features
It’s predicted that outdoor fire features like fireplaces, fire pits and chimineas will rise in popularity this year. However, residential and commercial property owners who wish to add them to their landscaping should know that Ottawa has by-laws that prohibit the use of wood-burning appliances. Electric, natural gas, propane and oil appliances are permitted.

4. Water features as focal points
Water features have long gurgled and lapped quietly in the background of gardens but in 2018, they’re set to take centre stage. Waterfalls, water fountains, water walls, creeks and ponds are among the many possibilities if you wish to bring a water feature to the foreground of your landscaping.

5. Mosaic paths
Mosaic paths of all kinds will find their way into gardens and landscapes in 2018. There are so many beautiful options, it may be hard to pick just one. Intricate designs using thousands of pebbles and more airy patterns using a combination of tile and stone are among the possibilities.

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